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Our Aquaponic trainer and technician, Jeff, will introduce you to Aquaponics farming.
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Importance of Community Based Food Security


Your Health - Kid with a bowl of fresh aquaponic veggies

Your Health

If you grow your own fresh healthy produce and proteins with indoor Aquaponics your health will benefit from PH and alkalinity balance, mental and physical energy, while contributing to the elimination of health issues such as diabetes and obesity. You will be consuming fresh greens and protein that is pesticide free.

Vegetables in heart shape

Your Family

If you grow your own produce with indoor Aquaponics your family will benefit from healthy immune systems, less sickness, more energy and your family can learn nutrition and science all in one system, while feeding your whole family for less cost!

Community Produce from Aquaponics

Your Community

If you grow your own produce with Aquaponics, a thriving harvest will serve your extended family, friends, neighbours and community. Locally grown, highly nutritious, fish and greens, 365 days a year! With Aquaponics, everyone benefits!

Aquaponics-Hydroponics plants service image

Your Country

If you grow your own produce with Aquaponics you can avoid the perils of mother nature! Traditional farmers and gardeners have dealt with weather and pests in outdoor growing. With an indoor Aquaponics garden system, problems such as extreme weather conditions, drought and more are overcome.

Save the Planet Aquaponics

Your Planet

If you grow your own produce with Aquaponics you can contribute to saving the planet. You can grow 10 times the amount of food on 10% of the fresh water used for industrial agriculture, without the use of damaging fertilizers or pesticides, preventing destruction of our lands, water and air.

Economy - Jars of Coins & Leaf

Your Economy

If you grow your own produce with Aquaponics you can help weave a strong fabric for our economies at all levels. A local economy benefits from the distribution of a harvest, creates a healthy local-vore movement & eliminates any need for government subsidies or artificially created employment programs.


Aquaponic Student working with Plants

Hands-on Workshops or Online Courses

Learn about Aquaponics with professional face-to-face instruction or at your own pace

Products and Support

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Whether you are a hobbyist, want to invest in a large-scale business venture, or want to become an Aquaponics champion for your community, we are here to support you.

We take a full-scope approach – thoroughly covering the science, mechanics, marketing, and business operations aspects.




What Aquaponics Provides


An answer to environmental problems including water shortage, loss of arable land, and commercial pressure on farms to develop.

In addition, it is an answer to food-related problems including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Our Mission Statement

The People

To teach food security and nutritional responsibility, encouraging all people, including Indigenous people worldwide, to improve physical health and financial prosperity, by teaching them to feed themselves using the Aquaponics method.

The Planet

To offer alternatives to the industrial agriculture system. Sharing knowledge, skills and expertise of Aquaponics indoor farming solutions.

The Prosperity

To teach true prosperity which is rooted in locally economies growing healthy, organic produce and fish through sustainable agriculture systems. Promoting true wealth and self-sufficiency through farming independence where different cultures can work together for the benefit of all.

Aquaponics Training Institute November 3, 2018